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Film has been a part of culture since the silent movies became popular in the early 20th century. Presenting the young adults of Raleigh with the films that were shot in North Carolina is a cultural exposé for the importance of the medium and its historic roots within the state. North Carolina is regarded as Hollywood East in the film industry, which creates thousands of jobs a year. Introducing this relatively unknown fact to the audience helps promoting North Carolina as a tourist attraction. This event screens different films every night, and multiple times a day, with a concluding night of guest speakers.

Event Posters, Tickets, and Containers:

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NC Films Website:

NC Films App:

The app informs users about the event schedule such as movie times and locations, and enables social media invitations to others. It serves as a less informative mobile version of the website and as a facilitator to participate.

Promotional posters at local movie theaters, colleges and transporation will help promote the cause and an interest to search about it on the web. A ticket admits one person into a screening and provides historical and economic facts. Branded cups and popcorn bowls also have historical and economic facts,and sold as souveniers.

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