Designer / Maria Cianchette    Course / Visualization, Representation, and Display   Role / Research and Design

No Excuses is a fitness planning app that allows scheduling daily, weekly, monthly workout programs or choosing from a list of exercises built into the app.


As part of the Visualization, Representation, and Display class, students were asked to develop a speculative application that responded to a particular activity. They came up with a simple scenario for a single hypothetical user narrating the activity from start to finish, and identifying the need or motivation. The scenario included all the steps necessary to complete the task. A task flow detailed out the steps that were identified in the scenario.


Students developed a series of low fidelity wireframes that illustrates the interaction and also interface options from the task flow. Students designed the layout of the screen(s) with hypothetical content from the scenario and icons,​developed information architecture as a simple diagram. Paper prototype and informal testing were used to revise the task flow, hierarchy, and navigation options. High fidelity wireframes were developed following the testing, and a clickable prototype was created using InVision to show on target device.

Information Architecture:

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Hi-Fi Wireframes: 

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No Excuses Website:

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User Scenario:

Jess is looking at her calendar for the upcoming week and wants to plan what the best times will be to workout. She has been trying to get to the gym 3-5 times each week, but has always struggled to get into a routine. She launches her fitness planning app No Excuses to see when she will have time and which workouts she wants to plan. She opens the weekly calendar part of the app, which she had previously entered in the time of her classes and planned extracurricular activities. Knowing she will do most of her studying and homework after dinner, she finds a couple hours free each day of the week and starts by selects the option to schedule a workout for tomorrow from 3-4pm. She clicks on the time slot that is now named Workout and she is presented with a few options. She can upload a photo of a workout previously saved on her Camera Roll, write a note of which exercises to do and the time amounts, or choose from the list of exercises built into the app and generate her own. For tomorrow she wants to upload a photo of the workout she found online a few days ago. After the photo uploads she is prompted to add an alarm to remind her tomorrow when she will be working out.

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