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FitLog allows logging food and tracking weight.


As part of the Visualization, Representation, and Display class, students were asked to develop a speculative application that responded to a particular activity. They came up with a simple scenario for a single hypothetical user narrating the activity from start to finish, and identifying the need or motivation. The scenario included all the steps necessary to complete the task. A task flow detailed out the steps that were identified in the scenario.


Students developed a series of low fidelity wireframes that illustrates the interaction and also interface options from the task flow. Students designed the layout of the screen(s) with hypothetical content from the scenario and icons,​developed information architecture as a simple diagram. Paper prototype and informal testing were used to revise the task flow, hierarchy, and navigation options. High fidelity wireframes were developed following the testing, and a clickable prototype was created using InVision to show on target device.

Information Architecture, Task Analysis, and Task Flow:

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Hi-Fi Wireframes:     


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FitLog Website: 

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User Profile:

Name: Amanda Smith

Age: 22

Very busy, interested in a healthy lifestyle, but doesn’t have time to maintain a strict schedule. Wants to hold herself accountable and wants to stay fit.

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