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Design education is built on learning by doing within the design community of school. A networking space designed specifically for designers, replicating and extending the community in design studio has potential to enrich the learning experience. Furthermore, by connecting students with their peers, teachers, other institutions, and professionalswithin and outside of schoolit can also provide opportunities for an informal and lifelong learning. This study provides an overview of the design pedagogy and design learning literature; evaluation of current networking platforms for designers and their affordances in supporting design learning; and various online digital design tools that has the potential of enriching a design oriented networking space. Furthermore, interviews with design professionalsgraduated from the design school within the last 5 years or less—are conducted to help understand how using such an environment can contribute to design learning experience in school. 

Research Questions:

Main Question: Are there differences in college students’ intellectual curiosity as evidenced in meaning- making, building connections, generating questions, or seeking answers that arise from scripted (i.e. factual information about artworks) vs. open-ended (i.e. posing questions with no right or wrong answers) formats of content delivered via mobile technology? If so what is the nature of those differences?

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